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Underrated Animes to watch

I was hoping to find recommendations rather than give them.
Since I don't know what you're into, might I suggest a few I've seen lately that I wish others shared my affinity for? I enjoyed Kaiba quite a bit - stylistically similar to early Tezuka manga (50's and 60's, mainly), but with more modern-feeling twists and turns. Kemonozume was also amazing - a short but sweet horror/romance/tragedy depicted in a highly-anxious art style, with an excellent opening theme for fans of punk/big band. Casshern: Sins was one of the few reboots that actually outdid the original - a post-apocalyptic tale more desperate than Fist of the North Star, yet more desolate even than Tezuka's Phoenix: Future Chapter. Then, if you're into offbeat storytelling, there's The Tatami Galaxy, with a flow like Groundhog's Day meets Lost Highway meets the Persona series of RPGS, in a strange way. Sorry if I'm preaching to the choir here... I like the unusual stuff.