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Many adult furries within our chat room like to take on a specific furry persona ('fursona') and roleplay as them. We have many fursonas in our "Furry Island Resort" room. For men and women, furry yiff is a fun adult roleplay that allows them to spice things up in the bedroom by temporarily escaping from the stress of human life. For others, it is an integral part of their daily life.

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Furry Yiff vs Furry Fandom

The Furry Fandom refers to people interested in anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics. Many people are interested in the fandom but have little or no interest in the adult side.

The word "Yiff" in "Furry Yiff" indicates sexual activity within the furry world. The Furry Yiff Chatroom is filled with explicit roleplay, drawings, and fantasy artwork for chatters 18 years of age and up.

Meet Horny Furries

The appeal of yiffing is wide-ranging. Some get off on the power of members of the animal kingdom. In contrast, others enjoy making love using cute innocent fursonas. So whether you dress up in complete cosplay outfits or limit your RP to online chat rooms here, you will find fellow furries to have an adult chat with.

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Beastiality is NOT allowed!

It's IMPORTANT to clarify that Furry Yiff and bestiality are different.

Bestiality is NOT allowed. Anyone soliciting or posting pictures of real animals will be banned from our website.

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321 Sex Chat Rooms load just as well on mobile as they do on desktop. Infact, most of our visitors use their phones to connect and chat when horny. We've even setup a sext chat page optimized for speed.