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Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

Here at 321 Sex Chat, a privacy statement has been in made in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to your privacy. Listed below is content that discloses the information gathering and dissemination practices for this Web site: 321 Sex Chat. Please read through carefully before contacting our site or becoming a user.

321 Sex Chat is a community chat site that allows users of all types to interact with one another through our chat rooms and message forums. There are many different options to choose from in the chat room or message board of your choice. All chat rooms will be accessible via Android, mobile APPs or IOS. If you have any questions about our website, please read over our Disclaimer or Terms of Use page before contacting an admin. If your question couldn't be answered through those pages or this one, please feel free to contact our website with any questions or concerns that you may have.


321 Sex Chat uses outside ad companies to feature advertisements through our site. We cannot be held responsible for any activity that happens on 3rd party websites. Ads from our website might possibly contain cookies that allow ad companies to gather certain bits of information. We are not granted access to any of this information.

Information that is formed will be used for tracking purposes only and will never be used to obtain personal information about you, your account, or anyone else. We respect your desire for privacy and will never sell your information to advertisers or 3rd party companies.

Personal Information

By using 321 Sex Chat, you are giving your consent for our website to use the information that you provide to us accordingly. Our website's privacy policy will clearly state our intentions with any information given, but can be subject to change without notice. Our website will never require you to submit to us any of your personal information. We will also never go out of our way to gather any information that allows us or others to personally identify you. You will never be contacted personally by our website for any reason, and you will never be forced to give personal information in order to join in on this website.

While our website might use information that has been provided through a personal Internet Service Provider (or ISP address), we will never use email addresses, account information or the information of those who you communicate with via our website. Any information found through our website will never be sold or shared with other people or companies. Accounts, messages or information that we find to be inappropriate can be deleted at any time and without warning.

Our website will be storing the IP addresses of visitors to this site. Any information gathered through your Internet Service Provider or IP address will never be available to our staff or users of the website. Your IP address will only be shared should we need to report any unlawful activity that has taken place on this website. If any suspicious legal activity arises in our chat rooms or forums, your IP address and any available account information can be turned in if there are any legal issues that pop up. Be aware that your IP address and ISP can be used to identify your location and household.

We will never use or share your IP address or ISP information unless one of the following circumstances arises:

  1. If anyone from a government official, or a legal attorney, submits subpoenas for personal information that can be connected to your account, we will provide it. If there is an official or formal request presented to us then we will be forced to provide any information that can be obtained through our website.
  2. If our attorney requests any information that could be important to a current legal matter that you are involved in any way, we will provide any of the necessary information.

Always keep in mind that any information provided through an IP address will only be stored in our systems for a limited period of time. User information will not always be available upon request if a certain amount of time has passed and information is no longer available through our system.

We will never gather any personal information throughout our website. Because of this, we will not be sharing any information of our users with any third party websites or clients. We will never sell or leak your private or personal information.

Our website uses forums, mobile apps and chat rooms. Because you will be connected with other users on this website, it's important to make sure that you don't share any personal information or post any private information publicly. No matter how old a user might be, if we find out that anyone has been sharing information that is meant to be kept private, we will be deleting any information that we find. This can include posting personal phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses or full names. Please take into consideration that our website does not keep chat log records. Information that has been posted in chat rooms might not be available for removal.

If a person submits personal information to our website, it was through their own choice. We will never demand that any users provide us with information that can personally identify them. When participating in a chat, keep in mind that we do not keep record of chat logs. If you encounter a person or issue that is problematic for you, please email us

If you encounter anyone on this website that doesn't appear to be the appropriate age, is breaking any rules or disrupting chat rooms and forums, please contact an admin immediately. Please provide their screen name to us and where possible times and screen shots and we will take appropriate action against the person who is breaking the rules.

Public Forums

We do our best to make sure that message forums and chat rooms are available to all users of this website. It is important to keep in mind that any information that you provide in either the message forums or the chat rooms should be disclosed wisely. Always use necessary caution when providing any personal information to any website or with other Internet users

This website will never collect your personal information from chat logs or message forums that can in any way identify you personally. You will have to submit your email address in order to take part in the message boards; this is something our website requires from you. However, any email addresses or any other information provided will never be shared with 3rd party websites. Your information will be used only for the purpose of registration. 321 Sex Chat will never force a user to submit their personal information, other than what is required upon sign up. This can include age verification and/or a chat room nickname

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We will do our best to make sure that our website can provide the best experience for our users. If any information about the disclaimer, copyright, uses of this or your own personal experiences with this website have been unclear, please feel free to contact us.

Make sure to take the time to read and review our Terms of Use area for any questions or concerns you may have.

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