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Pretend to be whoever you want in an erotic fantasy of your own creation.

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Roleplay Chat

Roleplay is a broad topic with tentacles in many other erotic areas. Our roleplay chat room is for adults fantasizing about erotic scenarios and stories. Most RP scenarios involve some power dynamic; an obvious one that comes to mind are the submissive/dominant roles within BDSM. Some chatters like to take on the persona of famous characters, such as real-life celebrities or fictional sci-fi heroes and villains. Feel free to take things to the next level by turning on your webcam and broadcasting yourself in cosplay.

Enter the RP chatroom and assume the role of your favorite character, emulate their mannerisms and mimic their voice. Throw yourself into the role and adopt the identity that suits you. Take things to the next level by turning on your webcam and broadcasting yourself in cosplay.

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Adult Roleplay Scenarios

We have compiled a list of roleplay ideas to get you started within our chat room. These imaginary situations lay out the characters and setting to begin a conversation.

Repairman - Housewife:  

"A handyman, knocks on the door. You answer the man standing in the doorway in your sexy satin nighty and tell him to enter. As he goes though his tools you begin flirting. (take your time) When the handyman actually begins to 'fix' something, lean over him just close enough to not be touching. Your surprise presence in his space will greatly increase everyone's arousal."

Hitchhiker, Teacher - Student, Guard - Prisoner, Escort - Client, Boss - Secretary, Doctor - Patient

4 Tips for Better Online Roleplay

"Have you always wanted to explore a side of yourself that has yet to come out in the physical world? Are you curious about the online world and what kind of sexy role-playing happens? Are you unsure how to initiate with someone in a sex chat room?" [Read More]

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Taboo Roleplay Topics

Roleplaying chat can be a fun and safe way to push sexual boundaries between consenting adults. People often throw themselves into roles in chat rooms they would never consider in real life. And even though these imaginative fantasies are virtual, we still draw red lines here. Ilegal topics like underage roleplay are not allowed, as well as any racist or homophobic public bashing of others. BDSM role play can involve many unusual fantasies or fetishes, do not mistake unusual for taboo.

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