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321 Sex Chat Rules

Please Read The FAQ Before Contacting Us.

Although these rules cover most general situations, they cannot cover everything; therefore 321 Sex Chat Moderators have permission to take any necessary action to ensure 321SexChat rooms are not disrupted. You risk being banned for violating any of these rules and are not entitled to a warning.


Each room has its own personality and expectations. The BDSM chatroom has their own unique traditions which you can read about more on that page. The Porn Chatroom allows for the posting of links to explicit images. The Roleplay Chatroom likes detailed stories. Take your time to explore each room and you'll fit right in.

  • Do not (constantly) type in all caps. (It looks like you are yelling everything you say)
  • If you private message someone and they do not reply, do not keep messaging them.
  • If someone is annoying you, please ignore them rather than message a moderator.
  • If You Have Been Banned

  • You may fill out a ban appeal form to be allowed back into the chat.
  • Rules For All Rooms

  • You must be 18+ to chat here
  • No flooding, trolling, cloning.
  • No hacking, exploiting, spoofing.
  • Respect the chat moderators. (Stars, Shields & Gavels Next To Their Names)
  • DO NOT ARGUE WITH OR QUESTION moderators when they tell you to stop spamming, change your name or modify your behavior. There are too many chatters to debate whether your name or your post was against the rules. Doing this will probably result in the conversation coming to a quick end with you being banned.
  • No posting links to other chat sites. (many are set to auto ban)
  • No posting links to affiliate / personals sites. (many are set to auto ban)
  • No posting mini urls (many are set to auto ban)
  • No posting links to .exe or .zip files. (You might be banned on the spot. - Don't do it)
  • No distributing personal information, even your own.(We'll assume you're a bot, or giving someone else's info out)
  • No racism (Take this as your first and final warning)
  • No rape or beastiality usernames or roleplay.
  • No underage or incest roleplay (No family related RP including names such as "younger" & "lil")
    We have, and will continue to work with law enforcement to provide IP & Host information on people praying on children and peddling illegal smut.

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