Top 4 Tips for Online Adult Roleplay

The Most Important Parts of Playing a Role Online.

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Top 4 Tips for Online Adult Roleplay

Have you always wanted to explore a side of yourself that has yet to come out in the physical world? Are you curious about the online world and what kind of sexy role playing goes on? Are you just not sure how to initiate with someone in a chat room?

These are questions that are important to address if you want to experience all the best things of cyber-sex. Role-play is a very popular part of online chat rooms like It can take many forms depending on how serious you are about it, how experienced you are at it, and how freaky you can get in your photos and descriptions. There are so many scenarios that can be sexy in fantasy that are not in real life. Sounds exciting? Well it is! In general, you just want to make sure that you agree to terms with the other person so that you are on the same page. This is why it might seem a little bit confusing if you have yet to try it. Basically it comes down to deciding a location and a role.

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Let’s take a look at the top 4 tips for online adult role play to give you a picture of how the pros do it.

#4 Pick A Familiar Role

Sexy blond nurse with red cross on shoulderIt’s never a good idea to take on the role of a school teacher if you don’t think you would feel sexy or challenged by pretending to be a school teacher. Maybe a judge is a better option? Think about the kinds of language you can use for each role, and decide based on that. Of course any kind of person can use naughty language, but it’s up to you to make sure you are not stuck for descriptions, feeling uninspired by your choice of role. The more experienced role-players already have a list of characters they like to play, and will collect some outfits to help make the activity more exciting. Most importantly, don’t let the other person persuade you too much into a role, because it’s all about sharing the same kind of fantasies. You have to be comfortable from the beginning, or it might ruin your experience, and since role-playing is all about power dynamics, make sure you choose wisely!

#3 Pick A Comfortable Location

The second fundamental thing is to pick a comfortable location you know well, that you can describe in some detail. If you are a nurse and your partner is a patient, well it makes sense to set the location in a hospital room. It’s all about picking a scenario that matches the roles, although some experienced freaks like to set a location that does not make sense with the roles. For example, you could say you are a lawyer and a judge in a bathroom. Sure it’s not accurate, but is definitely sets you up for some sexy role-playing.

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#2 Pick a Scenario You Are Familiar With

Cyber role-playing is all about two things: language and images. The language you use will come down to how familiar you are with the role you are playing and the location you are in. So go with a casual innocent scenario to begin with, and get as creative and descriptive as you can. Say for example you are in a secretary-boss scenario with a cyber partner. You can begin by describing a situation where you had to stay late at the office, and you and your boss are the only two left in the office. You walk past his office on the way to the bathroom, and give me a sexy smile. When you return, you give the same sexy smile. Then send a photo of yourself to your partner, and see what he replies!

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#1 Don’t Use Many Images

The experts will tell you that role-playing is more about the imagination than reality. The more you play, the more you get turned on by the creativity of your partner, not as much by their physical features. So don’t use many images. Letting the location and roles develop in your mind is important, because it will make for a richer, sexier experience all around when it comes to getting you off. You definitely want to give a little taste of yourself to your partner, however, and you definitely want to send sexier nude photos as your conversation develops. But always let your descriptions be as freaky and sensual as you want. It might seem easier to just post images of yourself back and forth with your partner, but that’s not role-playing. Role-playing is all about developing a fictional world in which your mind is so comfortable that it wants you to get naughty.

Hopefully these tips help you get out there on a dating site and let your freak flag fly in role-playing scenarios.

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