Adult Roleplay Ideas

Adult (RP) Scenarios With Tips & Suggestions

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Roleplay Ideas....

Repairman - Housewife:

Man fixing sink A great scenario for an electrician or plumber but feel free to mix things up. A handyman, knocks on the door. You answer the man standing in the doorway in your sexy satin nighty and tell him to enter. As he goes though his tools you begin flirting. (take your time) When the handyman actually begins to 'fix' something, lean over him just close enough to not be touching. Your surprise presence in his space will greatly increase everyone's arousal.

It's a clear sign of your attraction and willingness to take things further than simple flirting!


Woman hitchhikerAll you need for this scenario is a calm or isolated area where you and your girlfriend / boyfriend can pull over to on the side of the road. Be sure to wear a skirt - it's easy and can be discreet.

You can always take a cab if you don't have access to a car. You can let your boyfriend see you walking and ask the taxi driver to pull over. Pretend you're old friends that have been out of touch for a while. You can't get down to it right there and then but you can get things going.

Being in an enclosed / tight space with sexual tension in the air will have you both aroused before anyone has placed a hand on anything.

1. The innocent hitchhiker who needs a ride and the driver who can't resist. Or an old favorite, the horny hitchhiker who can't contain her sexual desires for the driver.

Teacher - Student:

Sexy SecretaryThe teacher/student sexy roleplay is a classic for a reason--it doesn’t get any hotter or more forbidden than this! Whether you’ve had a sexy teacher of your own or just fantasized about staying after for a little “extra credit,” you’ll lovegetting down and dirty with this idea. Imagine your man as the stern, strict, teacher who is ultimately helpless with his desire for you. Be his cute sexy schoolgirl, and drive him crazy as you tempt him to do something that he’d never normally do--namely, to teach you all about things you won’t learn in the standard curriculum. Sex Ed is in, and better than ever. Feel him hike your school uniform skirt up over your thighs, or ask ever-so-nicely if there’s anything you can do to mprove your grade to get this fun experience started.

Bonus round: switch it up for a change! Become his mentor, teaching your inexperienced student all about how to please an older woman.

Guard - Prisoner:

Woman with cloth over her mouth You: the bad girl, the naughty one who’s being punished for her crimes by being locked up. You’ve been here a while, and probably going a little stir-crazy since it’s been so long since you’ve had sex with a man.

Him: The powerful, dominating prison guard is more than ready to take advantage of his position--and the helpless prisoner. Or change it up a little--maybe your prisoner really needs some cigarettes to trade, or a little extra money for the commissary, and she’ll do anything he needs. Oh, yes...anything...

Escort - Client:

Womans LegsAs an escort, you’re sexy and maybe a little dangerous--and you’re good enough in bed that your man is willing to pay a hefty sum just to get you alone and doing whatever he wants. Don’t forget that your man is wealthy enough to throw cash around like confetti, and he wants to lavish all of that money and attention on you...provided you do anything he wants for the night, of course.

Make this roleplay even hotter by giving your character a specialty. What can you do that no one else can? Maybe he sought you out for something you’re famous for, like a special trick with your tongue. Ask him what he’ll do to get you to show it off. Don’t forget: no kissing! 

Boss - Secretary:

Sexy SecretaryYour boss is a hot guy who has one big advantage over you: the power to have you fired if you disobey him. It’s in your best interests to keep him happy, and that’s probably why you’ve been wearing those tight short skirts around the office lately. Don’t forget, it’s forbidden. If anyone walks in on the two of you together (in his office, in broad daylight, where anyone could see if you forgot to lock the door), it could be a disaster for both of your careers. But that won’t keep you from hooking up in the secret employee bathroom when everyone else is at lunch!

Doctor - Patient:

Sexy Male DoctorYou’ve probably heard of the Doctor/Patient roleplay a hundred times, but there’s a reason that everyone still loves to “play doctor.” Simply put, this is just a hotter scenario than almost any other! You’re paying this man to look at your body, to put his hands on you...and you’re trusting that he’ll act in a responsible, professional way.

Another idea is that you’re the sexy nurse that he can’t keep his hands off. Intelligent, well-dressed, well-educated men have urges too, and doctors pull such long hours that getting to indulge himself probably seems like a fantasy come to life. Good thing for him you’re here to give him a check-up for a change!

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