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Welcome to our Java based Sex Chat - As long as browsers support java applet based chat rooms we will provide a DigiChat room for our visitors.

It takes a bit more effort to get the DigiChat to load but it is a popular chatting option here at 321 Sex Chat. We usually have over 100 active chatters in the room, all of who configured their Java and Browser settings in order to get in!

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Java Sex Chat (DigiChat)


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History & Future of DigiChat

DigiChat software was created using Java, a popular programming language in the 90's. It has fallen out of favor and many browsers are beginning to rollback support for various Java applications. Most recently Google Chrome Browser has stopped supporting NPAPI which is needed for DigiChat to run. But as long as people can access DigiChat we will keep the room here for you.

Login Box Wont Load!?

Here is the step by step guide on how to configure your settings. Takes 1 minute (for those of us who know what to do already)


If you see the broken login box OR nothing at all (a blank space) look for the lego icon at the top left of your firefox browser window and lick on it.

security risk

java security risk


  • Configure Java - You can search for it in the start menu.

configure java

  • Click The "Security Tab"
  • Click The "Edit Site List"

security tab
security tab
  • Click "Add"
  • Add The Following URLs

You will have to put http instead of https:// and it will give you an warning shown below but just click "Continue"
security risk

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