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321 Sex Chat is a popular online free sex chat site for adults with many erotic chat rooms to choose from. We have a large and diverse community of adult chatters with a wide range of interests to talk about. There are single guys and girls looking to hook up and others just looking for good adult conversation. There are married men and women looking for ideas to spice up their sex life and others looking for a place to flirt with or talk to someone new. Thousands of sexy chatters are drawn to this free chat site though terms like “Free Sex Chat”, “Cyber Sex Chat”, “Online Roleplay”, “Free Live XXX Chat” and more. Some people come to interact with other friendly adults but do not forget that first and foremost this is a SEX CHAT! We offer a long list of xxx chat rooms on many sexual niches, desires and titillating topic--all open for discussion. Our live chat rooms include the following; Porn Chat, Ladies Only, Men Only, Role-play, Phone Sex, Ask Men, Ask Women, The Dungeon, Gang Bang, Married and Flirting, Truth or Dare and Gay and Lesbian Sex Chat  [to name a few].

We will continue to build our online sex community / adult social network to solidify 321 Sex Chat as the destination for FREE LIVE ADULT SEX CHAT.  This explicit site is populated with hundreds of hot and horny guys and girls looking to talk about a variety of erotic topics like S&M, Cybersex, sex toys, mobile sexting, lesbian play and more.

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Webcam Sex Chats

Sex cams have become extremely popular over the last several years. While we feel that webcams can take away from the content and quality of a chat room, we understand people’s desire to see each other. This site has live online sex cams of women and men in public, private and group chat rooms. Tell them what to do and they'll do it. This is the best cam site the web has to offer by far.

Please also check out our partner Adult Chat Site which is a free chat site like 321 sex chat but you can use your webcam and mic. There is No registration and is totally free. If you are looking for a less sexual place perhaps you'd like to try the "clean'ish" adult room at 321Chat.Com

Erotic Fantasy & Role-playing

roleplayingEveryone may not take part in fantasy roleplaying but most people are at least interested if not intrigued by it.  A culture with its own language of sexual terms can be hard to join but our fetish rooms allow you to explore this sexual world from the comfort of your home. Feel free to ask people about B and D (Bondage and Discipline), D and S (Dominance and Submission), BDSM – (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, Masochism), whips, chains, ropes, wax, “Safe words” and anything else you can think of. You may also be interested in taking a look at BDSM Chat - a free webcam chat site with a focus on kink.

What's Your Fetish

bondageEveryone has sexual preferences; perhaps you have not found what turns you on yet. If you are interested in a new experience try one of our fetish chat rooms. Do you have a foot fetish, nylon fetish, panty fetish? What kinky, freaky or unusual sexual acts get you off?  Ropes, leather, chains, whips, multiple guys, multiple girls or gang bangs let it be known.  Enter one of our sex chat rooms and let your inner freak out.  Talk about what you’ve done or only dreamed to do and you’ll surly find someone here who can relate.

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